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What did you know about penalty bet? What forms does this type of bet include and is this a “good” opportunity to make money from the house? If you want to know how to bet on penalty shootouts in your favorite football matches, don’t miss the next article from Hi88 Please.

What is the definition of penalty bets?

Penalty is an 11-meter free kick situation that is taken when a player commits a foul within the 16.5-meter penalty area. Here, the player will take a free kick from the penalty spot 11 meters from the goal. This situation becomes a confrontation between the penalty taker and the goalkeeper. Penalty odds (also known as over/under penalty bets) only applies to matches where the result must be decided through an 11-meter penalty shootout. Not every match has a penalty bet for you to choose from. Bookmakers will rely on many different factors to give odds.

Learn about penalty bets

In a penalty shootout, each team will take 5 shots in turn. Bettors must predict the number of successful shots of the two teams. If you guess correctly, you will win the bet. If after 5 shots the winner is still not determined, the match will continue with the next series of shots until a winner is found. Currently, many bookmakers offer this type of over/under penalty bet to meet the needs and preferences of players who love this type of betting.

Why is there a penalty shootout?

Not every match has a penalty kick situation.Hi88 will introduce some situations that often lead to penalty kicks, making it easier for you to track and placepenalty bet than:

Reasons why the match had a penalty kick

  • The player dribbles the ball into the penalty area.
  • The player intentionally commits a foul such as blocking or obstructing the opponent in the restricted area.
  • The player imposes or puts strong pressure on the opposing player in the penalty area.
  • The player jumps into the opponent, causing a foul in the restricted area.
  • A player intentionally pulls or pushes an opponent down in the restricted area.
  • A player plays the ball with his hands in the restricted area, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Summary of current penalty bets

Like many other types of bets, penalty bets include a variety of odds. Below are some types penalty bet Popular and favored by many players:

Diverse shootout odds

  • Bet on the score of the penalty shootout.
  • Bet on which team will take the last penalty kick.
  • Bet on which team will win after the penalty shootout.
  • Over/under bets on the total number of penalty kicks taken.
  • Bet on the total number of successful penalty kicks by both teams.
  • Over/under bet on the total number of penalty goals.

Share expert tips on penalty shootout betting

Penalty odds Also known as shootout bets, it is one of the most attractive types of bets when playing online soccer betting. However, predicting the exact result and winning is not easy. Because the course of the match can change, making it difficult to control. Here are some ways to help players improve their ability to predict penalty bet results:
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Carefully study the two teams in the match

To predict betting results with high accuracy, you need to analyze information as well as the penalty kick ability of both teams. Normally, in penalty shootouts, coaches will choose players with good free kick shooting ability and a strong mentality. The selected goalkeepers also need to have quick reflexes and good penalty taking skills.

You must find out information about the players who are likely to be assigned to take free kicks and the goalkeeper to catch the ball. At the same time, observe the team’s penalty shootout record as well as current performance to make more accurate predictions. In major international matches, some teams such as Portugal, Italy, and Germany are often able to win in penalty shootouts.

Some experience to make the most accurate shootout bets

Choose the appropriate penalty bet

There are many types of bets in penalty bet with different playing rules. Therefore, you need to choose the right bet type for each match, clearly understand how to play and the rules of each bet type. If you do not clearly understand the rules of the game before placing a bet, you may make mistakes in your decisions.

Pay attention to the goalkeeper when taking a penalty kick

The goalkeeper plays an extremely important role in deciding the outcome of the match, especially in penalty situations. In modern football, only the best goalkeepers at the club level with top talent are selected to participate in important matches. Although most goalkeepers are very good, there are some goalkeepers who stand out in terms of experience and ability to predict the direction of the ball.

So when you join the put penalty bet, pay attention to the two main goalkeepers in the match. If they are famous goalkeepers with excellent penalty taking ability, it means they have a high chance of successfully blocking it. The final result of the match may favor a lower total number of goals (under).

Choose a team with a good history of penalty kicks

Choosing to bet on teams with good penalty kick skills is a smart strategy when participating in penalty bets. Because these teams often know how to take advantage of opportunities from free kick situations more effectively than other teams. When deciding to bet on such teams, you should consider the following factors to make the correct decision:

  • Find out how successful a team is when taking free kicks, helping you evaluate the abilities of each team’s players.
  • A team with many players who are good at taking free kicks will often have an advantage.

Hi88 introduced to you penalty bet along with standard betting experiences. Penalty shootout is one of the special types of bets that does not appear in every match. But if you predict correctly, your odds of winning will be higher than many other types of bets. Therefore, consider carefully to bet in the most effective way.

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