Football – The King Sport Present At New88

Soccer betting is always among the top impressive games, attracting the most participating players in the world today. New88 is one of the classy betting paradises with outstanding soccer betting features. Right now, please explore the following article of NEW88 to admire the hottest betting features of 2023 It is.

Introduction to New88 football betting

Soccer betting is a game belonging to the New88 Sports lobby with many types of special odds. Players joining this reputable house will have the opportunity to bet on hundreds of exciting matches every day. Just predict correctly the odds that appear while the match is taking place, you will immediately receive a bonus from New88.

The football betting rules here are extremely simple, besides the bonuses in each match are extremely preferential. That helps players receive huge bonuses if they close the bet successfully.

Besides the opportunity to experience betting odds at major tournaments, New88 football bettors also receive many incentives. These are special promotions reserved by the house for members who bet on king sports. We can mention valuable incentives such as: welcoming new players, sports refunds,…

Attractive soccer bets at New88

Whenever the legendary football betting paradise of New88 is mentioned, many players will remember the impressive odds. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of betting at this house.

Asian soccer odds

Often called Asian Handicap or handicap. This is the betting odds that appear in every high-class, exciting match across the planet. The bookmaker bases on the performance or strength of the teams to distinguish the upper and lower bets. The teams in the upper handicap position will handicap the weaker team by a specific amount or goal ratio.

When playing Asian football odds at New88, you will bet on the handicapped or handicapped team with a reasonable odds. In case of successful prediction, the player will be rewarded immediately after the match ends. Some outstanding Handicap ratios include: 0, 1/4, half, handicap half one, 1,…

Soccer odds 1×2

If you regularly participate in soccer betting at New88, players know about European odds. It can be affirmed that this is a familiar form of betting with very simple gameplay. Your task is to bet on 1 of 3 outcomes including win, draw or defeat. Specifically:

  • Door 1: judge that the home team surpasses the away team.
  • Door X: predicts a draw when the match ends.
  • Bet 2: bet the away team will defeat the home team.

Over/under football odds

This is one of the extremely attractive forms of betting and is popular with many players. Accordingly, you will bet on 1 of 2 doors: Over or Under based on the dealer’s odds. If the match is predicted to have more goals scored, the player bets Over. On the contrary, when judging that the match has fewer goals than the odds offered by New88, the player should choose Under.
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In addition to the 3 most played official soccer bets at New88, you can absolutely participate in many other forms of betting. The most prominent side bets that cannot be ignored are: corner kicks, Running Ball, penalty cards, exact score,…

New88 football betting payout rates are extremely attractive

Not only does it provide a variety of high-class betting odds, New88 also offers extremely valuable bonuses. Most people highly appreciate the odds this reputable house distributes. Accordingly, football betting players at New88 have the opportunity to win with impressive Odds levels such as:

  • MY Odds: also known as Malaysian odds.
  • HK Odds: this is a popular payout level at bookmaker New88 and has a very simple calculation formula.
  • Decimal Odds: also known as European bonus odds help players calculate money quickly and accurately.

It can be seen that New88’s soccer betting bonuses are extremely classy and high-quality. That helps those who participate in betting at this prestigious playground have the opportunity to receive very high value bonuses.

So, we have just followed the special features at the house New88 football – one of the most popular betting playgrounds in 2023. This is truly an impressive soccer betting address that brings life-changing opportunities for players. Please quickly join New88 to directly experience super hot betting forms.

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