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How to play play chess upside down right way? This type of chess is considered a variation of Chinese chess and is very popular in China. With unique, constantly changing gameplay and special rules, upside down chess promises to bring relaxing moments after a tiring working day. Let’s New888 Follow the article below to better understand the concept and components of this game!

Introduction to face down flags

Flag face downTo be Traditional Vietnamese game requires strategy and thinking

Besides the common name fight “upside down flag”, this type of flag is also known as “Teochew flag”. The origin of this game is related to Hong Kong, China and in 2000, the cshirt dfirst held in Hong Kong. To better understand how to play upside down chessNew88, you need to remember that besides the two Chess pieces, the remaining pieces are randomly placed face down.

Next, the player will arrange the pieces according to the chess position of Chinese chess. On the first move, the player must follow the chess rules at the position of that piece. After the first move, the pieces will be turned over, from the second move onwards, the game will follow the rules of Chinese chess.

Components included in the face down chess set

Ingredients included in the kitplay chess upside down include:


Play chess upside down placed face down on a chessboard with squares divided evenly into 8 horizontal and 8 vertical rows. In the middle is the “River” that forms the boundary between the two sides of the chessboard and the “Gate” or “Citadel” (this is the location of 4 small squares marked diagonally on the chessboard).

Chess pieces

All the pieces used in face down chess are pieces from the Chinese chess board. Each round chess piece will be printed with Chinese characters and represents the name of a chess piece. Chess pieces have two main colors: black and red, including:

  • 1 General.
  • 2 soldiers.
  • 2 Bishops.
  • 2 Rook pieces.
  • 2 knights.
  • 2 artillery.
  • 5 pawns.

Instructions on how to play simple, easy-to-understand chess

How to play simple chess: A simple guide for beginners

Dflag lightNew88 is a variation of basic Chinese chess, with the special feature that two players must remember the positions of the pieces even though they are not revealed. Below is a guide to playing upside down chess for beginners, both simple and easy to understand. Please refer to it now!

Start the game

The pieces are placed on the table according to regulations or by mutual agreement. The board is streamlined and then decides who will go first.

First move

The player who goes first will make the move and during that move, the face-down pieces will have to move to the exact position they are occupying.

For example: If the face-down piece next to the position of the Chess piece is usually the position of the Si piece in Chinese Chess, then in the first move it will move the way the Shi piece moves.
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Move each piece

Military General: Move or occupy horizontal or vertical squares on the chessboard. Every time he moved, the general could not get past the “Nine Palaces”. Two generals are not allowed to meet. If one side loses a General, that side is considered a loser.

Soldier: Move and capture diagonally one cell at a time on the board.

Rook: Move and capture horizontally or vertically on the board, with an unlimited number of squares, as long as there are no pieces in the way.

Military artillery: in upside down chess moves similarly to the Rook, it can move horizontally or vertically on the board without being limited in the number of spaces. However, to capture the opponent’s piece, the Cannon piece needs to have a piece in the middle, called the “cannon whistle”.

Knight: Move or eat in an L shape on the chessboard. If there is an obstacle in the path of movement, the Knight will not be able to perform that move.

Pawn: Each move will move one square. If in your land this unit can only move straight, but if crossing a river it can move horizontally or vertically.

Soldier: Not limited by restricted areas and can move on the board according to diagonal rules.

Military General: Not limited to the “Home” area and can move to the opponent’s territory.

Experience playing chess to win

Winning upside down chess: Tips and experiences from players

To win every game of upside down chess, you not only need to know how to play upside down chess properly but also need to add some of the following valuable experience for yourself:

  • Priority is given to opening 5 pawns before moving the pieces below in the first move. The important thing is to pay attention to keeping your troops tight, not letting your opponent open the way. Do not arbitrarily capture troops, especially troops in a “forbidden” position.
  • In case of being banned, if you have the opportunity, you should be ready to sacrifice small pieces such as pawns, soldiers, bishops, cannons, and knights to protect the rooks.
  • The two Rook pieces are often used for defensive purposes and are usually only deployed at the end of the game or when the situation is urgent.
  • Similarly, the two Artillery pieces also need to be used carefully and should not be used arbitrarily. We need to wait for the right opportunity to deploy them. When using the Cannon army, you need to think and calculate carefully to create opportunities for yourself.


Below is the latest informationD flag light New88 Summary of how to play upside down chess and we send it to you. Hopefully through this brief article you will have an accurate view of the concept and gameplay of this unique board game.

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