OKVIP Recruitment – The Most Attractive Job Opportunity Today

OKVIP recruitment Diverse positions ensure attractive remuneration for group employees. This is also a valuable opportunity for you to gain more experience and try many roles in a young, dynamic and professional working environment. Follow us to learn from A – Z important information about this content!

Privileges of OKVIP group employees

OKVIP is famous as the number one prestigious online entertainment service provider in Asia today. Although the corporation’s strong staff has reached the milestone of thousands, however, information OKVIP recruitment Still updated daily, hourly.

After being accepted into the corporation and becoming an official employee, you will receive countless unique benefits such as:

  • The salary is extremely high, more than two meters highorangu phhundred compared to the same position in other companies in the market. In particular, employees also receive “hot” bonuses when they achieve good revenue and many excellent achievements.
  • Provide employees with insurance that complies with labor code provisions including: accident insurance, health insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance,…
  • Employees are allowed 4 days off a month, not including holidays or weekends. Besides, you are entitled to maternity leave, filial leave, sickness leave,… according to the law.

Attractive perks of OKVIP group employees

  • The Group creates conditions for employees to hone their professional skills and develop their skills through workshops, seminars, courses,… completely free of charge.
  • Vietnamese employees will be supported with food allowances and free accommodation when working at Moc Bai headquarters.

Take a look at current OKVIP recruitment positions

This year, with the goal of expanding business scale, the group is currently recruiting personnel in a number of positions such as:

See : okvip tuyển dụng

Sale Online

Male/female candidates between the ages of 22 – 33 can work online from home upon admission. The necessary conditions to apply are that candidates must have the ability to persuade, understand advertising methods and have good communication skills. If the assigned work is completed on time and according to requirements, the amount received is up to 30 million/month, excluding KPI bonuses.


This is the department directly responsible for work related to the corporation’s website. Currently, OKVIP recruitment Offline SEO position operates in Moc Bai, Cambodia with salary from 50 million VND/month and online at home with compensation up to 15 million/month. To be accepted for the SEO position, candidates must have knowledge of WordPress, CSS, HTML and experience working in this field for at least 6 months.

Offline and online SEO recruitment


If you are passionate about writing and have experience creating search engine optimized content, seize this opportunity now to earn an attractive source of income not to be missed. As a content writer in the company, you will be tasked with creating quality articles for the website based on SEO optimized keywords.

Besides, you will also create diverse content as requested by managers. According to information OKVIP recruitment, employees can choose either online or offline working methods, with extremely attractive salaries of 15 million VND/month and 35 million VND/month respectively.


To be an ideal candidate for this position, you need to possess in-depth knowledge of programming languages ​​and technologies such as CSS, PHP, API, MVC. This is an opportunity for you to shine and show your talent in a challenging and promising working environment. Not only will there be attractive career opportunities, but employees will also enjoy a competitive salary of about 25 – 30 million VND per month.

Facebook Ads

As a Facebook Ads Specialist at OKVIP, you will be responsible for building advertising campaigns to introduce OKVIP and the group’s projects on the Facebook platform. Location OKVIP recruitment requires creativity, the ability to update the latest trends and understand customer psychology.

If you have experience running Facebook ads for at least 6 months, this will be a big advantage. Successful candidates can receive an attractive salary of over 40 million VND/month along with generous KPI bonuses.

Generous salary and KPI bonus for FB Ads position

Some other locations

Besides the above positions, the corporation OKVIP recruitment Employees in some other departments such as:

  • Human Resources – HR.
  • Management – OA.
  • Social Media.
  • Design – Designer.
  • Football commentator.

So the above article has shared with you corporate information OKVIP recruitment details from A – Z. Quickly prepare your CV, apply and receive interview notification to become part of OKVIP in the near future!

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