What is ½ Handicap – Instructions for Playing Handicap on Hi88

If you play betting, especially games like Sic Bo, lottery, etc. you will know how to play handicapping. There are many types of handicaps, but what is a ½ handicap? If you still don’t know about this form of betting, please join us to find out.

What is ½ handicap?

Hi88 1/2 handicap, also known by another name, is a half-left handicap. This is one of the popular types of bets in the Asian betting system and is often offered by bookmakers when two teams have equal performance. Or in the case when the home team has home field advantage and is placed in the upper bracket.

In this type of handicap, the upper team handicaps the lower team by ½ or 0.5 points. This means that the favorite team must win with a difference of at least 1 goal or more to win the bet.

How to read and calculate ½ handicap?

How to calculate and read ½ handicap? Is it complicated? The answer will be not at all. Because unlike a 1/4 handicap, there is a half win or lose result. But with this ½ bet, you only lose if you lose and if you win you win. Therefore, players can easily calculate the results of the match when participating in handicap betting for a half or the entire match. The specific calculation is as follows.

  • In case 1, if the upper team wins the entire match with any score, the player will win. And vice versa, the person who bets under will lose the bet and lose the entire bet.
  • Case 2 is the opposite of case 1. When the upper team loses to the lower team by any score, the person who bets on the lower team wins the entire bet and the person who bets on the upper team loses all the money.
  • Case 3 occurs when two teams tie, the upper team will lose money and the lower team wins the entire bet. In this case, there is no half-money like other bets

Share your experience of placing a ½ handicap to always win

We have compiled some tips from experienced players on how to place a ½ handicap:

  • If the team playing at home has a higher position on the rankings than the other team, you should bet on the upper bet.
  • If the team above plays on another field and the position on the rankings is not higher, you should bet on the bottom.
  • The match takes place on a neutral field, you can boldly bet on the underdog team.
  • Don’t rush to place money on the bet, but let the match last about 15 minutes. If you see the dealer lowering from ½ to ¼, the player should quickly place the upper bet because the possibility of winning is very high.
  • Watching the ongoing match, if you see that the underdog team has scored and there is a ½ handicap for the overdog, immediately choose to bet on the underdog.
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How to predict ½ handicap effectively

What is the secret to predicting ½ handicap? Surely you also know that when playing ½ handicap or any type of soccer betting, gaining experience in betting is very necessary. Because when it comes to soccer betting, luck alone is not enough. Players must know how to analyze and make good judgments and the probability of winning will increase greatly.

Evaluate the current position of the two teams

For ½ handicap prediction, the first important thing is that you need to find out the current strength of the two teams before placing a bet. What is the position on the table of the two ½ handicap teams? What major impacts will it have? From the starting lineup to recent playing style and confrontation history will all be factors to evaluate the team and help players bet accurately.

Even the bookies, it’s no coincidence that they can give good odds. These are all based on researching information about each team before competing and are even influenced by profit factors, so there will be certain adjustments. Therefore, players should consult more information from other sources.

Calculate the right time to bet

If you have the analysis of the team in hand, don’t rush into betting. To get to the final step of placing a bet, you need to wait until the right time to deposit money.

So when is the best time to place a ½ handicap? According to shared experience, when the match lasts 15 – 20 minutes, that is the best time for players to consider the game situation. If the results are favorable, as expected, then put down your money because it’s not too late.

You should bet on reputable bookmakers

What is a ½ handicap bet and where to place it for prestige is a question many people are looking for. A quality bookmaker address that brings many benefits to players is everyone’s top choice. There are many different betting platforms on the market today. But the fraud rate is equally high. So please consider carefully and understand clearly before clicking on the access link and providing your information. Because the possibility of information leaks still exists and then you will be the one who suffers.


Handicap is one of the most popular forms of betting and with the above information, we hope to have partly answered players’ questions about what ½ handicap is. And if you find this type of bet suitable for your playing style, then quickly try it on the playing fieldHi88 Please!

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