What to eat before playing soccer? – Some dishes players should know

To be able to make a breakthrough on the field, properly energizing before competing is extremely important. So eating before a match helps optimize performance and bring victory? So what to eat before playing soccer? In today’s article, let’s New88 Discover the nutritional secret for an explosive soccer game!
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What should you eat before playing soccer?

Any sport requires careful preparation before playing and the same goes for football. One of the factors to pay attention to before playing this sport is eating and drinking.  We would like to suggest some necessary dishes such as:

Nutrients needed for a soccer match

Players must not only eat enough calories but also pay attention to the nutrition in each dish. Paying attention to this will help your soccer game be more effective.  You should take in nutrients such as:

  • Protein: This is the nutrient that is of most concern when it comes to what to eat before playing soccer. Protein is responsible for building muscle, and also helps restore muscles after sports. You should intake this nutrient into your body before participating in soccer.
  • Carb: Also known simply as starch. This is the main source of energy for muscle activity. Please feed yourself with starch if you care about what to eat before playing soccer. You should absorb starch from foods such as rice, rice, bread, etc. These are complex carbs so they help you stay full longer. Besides, limit carb intake from candies and other sweets.
  • Fat: This nutrient may seem unnecessary but is very important for vigorous activities like soccer. Fat’s main function is to store energy. Players should pay attention to consuming good fats and limit intake of bad fats.

Eating enough calories before playing soccer is important but not enough. You should pay attention to the nutrients in each dish because this is the key factor. Nutrients will help you absorb well and store energy longer.

What to eat before playing soccer? Suggested dishes that should and should not be used

Through the sharing above, you already know which nutrients are important for a match. So what foods are they in? Some foods you should eat before playing soccer are:

  • Whole grain bread, brown rice, potatoes, etc. These are all foods that contain starch to help you feel full for a long time. They are perfect for a long soccer match.
  • Fish, chicken, eggs, etc. This is the food group that contains protein to help build muscle.
  • Fruits and vegetables. This is a good and healthy food group, used before playing football will help you not get too bloated.

In addition to worrying about what to eat before playing soccer, you also need to pay attention to not or limit your intake of the following foods:

  • Spicy and greasy food. They will make you bloated, indigestion and hot.
  • Sweets or drinks. This food group is high in calories but low in nutrients and does not help you feel full for long.

How important is it to eat before playing soccer?

A football match usually takes place within 1 and a half hours. This is quite a long period of time so it requires players to have strength and endurance. Players can easily become tired and exhausted if they do not eat well. Some uses of recharging before playing soccer are:
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Maintain focus

Paying attention to what you eat before playing soccer will help you stay alert and focused. At this time, the match will have good results and winning will be very easy. If you don’t eat well, you can easily become tired, exhausted and lose concentration.

What to eat before playing soccer helps provide energy for the body

Human energy is only provided by the food and drinks they consume. Soccer activities consume a lot of energy, so pay special attention to eating. Players should prioritize eating foods that are rich in nutrients and help keep them full for a long time.

Helps muscle recovery

Vigorous sports activities such as soccer will cause a lot of injury to your muscles. Paying attention to what to eat before playing soccer helps the body rebuild muscle. Therefore, players need to eat well and not be hungry before playing football.

What to eat before playing soccer This is an issue that many players are concerned about. Football is a sport that requires both physical and mental strength when fighting. To meet this, nutrition plays a very important role. You can refer to the foods we suggested above to use before playing soccer. Refer to our articles to update the latest information!

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