5 Reasons Why Employment Lawyers Decline Cases

People resort to legal actions with the hope of getting justice and fair compensation. Like any other attorney, employment lawyers are also selective about the cases they take. So, there is no assurance or guarantee that an attorney would take up your case. Employment lawyer Ravi Sattiraju has listed five effective reasons why the employment lawyers decline cases. So, in this blog, we will discuss those five reasons. So, let us begin.

Understanding Five Effective Reasons Why Employment Lawyers Decline Cases

1. Weak Evidence and Proof

Lawyers tend to assess the strength of the case before picking it up. If the proof and the certainty do not support the client’s claim, the lawyer might refuse to take up your case. They do it to prevent pursuing an unsuccessful lawsuit. To take your matter to court, you require a lot of evidence, and lack of proof is one of the reasons why employment lawyers decline the case.

2. Statute of Limitation

Employment declarations are entitled to strict deadlines. If the time has passed since the incident, understand that the statute of limitation has passed and probably has expired. It perhaps makes it next to impossible to file a claim.

3. Unreasonable Expectations of Client

Having unexpected expectations about the result of the case is another reason for employment lawyers declining the case. To avoid future debates and discussions, the employment lawyers prevent taking up the case.

4. Conflicts of Interest

Employment lawyers are hurdled by ethical rules and regulations to prevent conflict of interest. If catering to a new client creates a dispute with the existing one, the attorney straightaway declines the case. 

5. Lawyer Might not be Capable to Handle Your Case

To become a successful lawyer is a long and arduous process where they earn the degree from a good law school. Despite having qualifications it does not mean your lawyer is confident enough to handle your case. It might happen that they do not have the required expertise to handle your case. If the lawyer lacks the necessary resources to handle the case, they might not select you.

Let Us Wrap it Up!

It is important to understand the above reasons. It helps the client prepare themselves while seeking legal help, along with setting expectations for the case. So, if a lawyer is rejecting your case, by now, you know what could be the reason. 

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