Detailed 3-Card Lieng Game Rules for New Players of Bookie New88

Rules of the 3-card game Is it as complicated as many people think? Lieng is one of the popular card games in Vietnam with quite simple gameplay. In this article, we will share with you the game rules and some of the best playing tips at New88 today.

 Lieng 3 card game rules  for new players

To be able to play well and win, everyone needs to understand the rules of play. Or remember each rule of the game as follows:

Before start card game

Lieng 3 card game rules similar with Poker card game. Players need to determine the amount of bet for each game, because each table will have a different amount of money. In the game, the bet is called the floor. You should not bet too much money at once if you are not sure about your ability to win.

Bthe beginning of the game

A deck of 52 cards is used in this game, but all 52 cards will not be used. At the beginning, each person in the betting table will receive 3 cards. Lieng 3 card game rules  Quite special and interesting in that it uses very few cards.

A betting round will be calculated clockwise and the person who bets first is the table owner. In the following games, the winner of the previous game is the first player.

Khi it’s my turn to play

Operations in the  Lieng 3 card game rules

Each person needs to think carefully and carefully before making cards. In the game there will be 4 options: call, raise, all-in or face down. Each operation will have the following characteristics:

  • Raise: This is a basic operation in Lieng 3 card game rules . The amount you bet must be higher than the number that the person above has previously bet. Similarly, the next person who wants to raise also needs to bet an amount greater than or equal to yours.
  • Call: If you feel your hand is strong and likely to win, you can choose “Follow”. That means you have to spend the amount of money the person at the front door set.
  • Up: In Lieng 3 card game rules , “Fold” means stop. If you feel your cards are too small and the chance of winning is low, choose to fold. At this point, the game ends and the previous bet will also be lost.
  • All in: All in will increase the player’s chances of winning if used properly. When you realize that your hand is strong and you are sure to win, you can choose to go all-in with all the money you have.

However, players should note that after you raise, if there are still 2 players on the table, you must lower your cards and compare the scores to find the winner. If there is only one player in the round, the cards are hidden. There will be a maximum of 3 betting rounds per game.

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KEnd of a game

In Lieng 3 card game rules , A game will end when no one raises or there is only 1 person left who does not fold, then that is the winner. In case there are 2 or more people left so points to find the winner.

Tips for playing Lieng 3 cards best in 2024

Besides having to grasp it Lieng 3 card game rules  Then you need to gain some more experience. Here are Lieng card playing tips shared by New88 players:

UnderstandGame rules and regulations

On the market today there are many bookmakers offering this card game, but  Lieng 3 card game rules the same. However, each house will have its own regulations on bonus levels, bet levels and time, so you need to refer to them in advance.

Prepare onegood mentality

When participating in any game, you need a good mentality, especially Lieng card game. Because gamblers often have the mentality of winning and losing. Try to stay calm before making a decision, limit the expression of emotions that can make your opponent guess the cards.

TThe blinding fire shakes the opponent

Playing blind means when your cards are not good but you still bet a large amount of money with confidence to let your opponents think you really have a strong hand. However, this method is not for the weak, especially when facing experts.

XDevelop and adhere to proposed strategies

In Lieng 3 card game rules , to achieve the best results, you must have your own strategy. If you just play arbitrarily, you will easily get caught up in your opponent’s tactics and lose your ability to control yourself. Experts shared the following 2 strategies:

  • Set cards: Applies to situations where the cards are too bad, the winning percentage is non-existent. You should end early to minimize betting losses.
  • Intimidation: Only applied at the beginning of the game to probe opponents, making them confused about their hand. Do not use it for future raises, it is likely that at this point you have been caught.


Thus, this article about New88 has been provided and shared with everyone Lieng 3 card game rules and great tips from veteran experts. Actually, the rules of this game are not too complicated, just pay attention to a few games and you can understand it all. Wishing every gamer a win.

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