Esport Tournaments: Attractive Betting and Highlights in the World of Top Competition

Esport tournaments are gradually becoming widely popular around the world. Because with a large number of fans, on-screen competitions are growing extremely strongly. Along with that is the fact that players can bet and win big in these matches. The following article by ku bet will help you understand better.

What is attractive about the Esport tournament?

Esport tournament is a term used to collectively refer to online games organized by major sponsors to compete. As soon as you mention it, you will definitely think about the names League of Legends, Dota 2, CS: GO, Fornite or PUBG,… What these games have in common is that they have an extremely large number of players. all around the world. Below Kubet will introduce to you the 3 most popular games.

League of Legends (LOL)

With MOBA-style live play/competition, since its inception, Alliance has quickly become the biggest name in the world. You should know that although it has been around for a long time, with simple gameplay and beautiful graphics, this game still shows no signs of cooling down.

From here, LOL as well as players like Faker, Bang, Wolfs, Beryl, Deft, Gumayashi, Mata, The Shy,… have been noticed by many large corporations. This helps Esport tournaments about LOL to continuously launch in many regions around the world such as World Finals, LCK, LPL, etc. Currently, this is still the game with the most participation.

Dota 2

Considered a senior in the MOBA gaming industry having appeared for a long time on the World Craft platform. Up to now, Dota 2 still has a huge amount of traffic. Although slightly inferior to League in popularity, no one can deny the attraction of this game. Attractive Dota 2 Esport tournaments such as: The International, Dream League, ESL, DSAC, European Pro League,…


This is a first-person shooting game that has been around for a long time when the Internet began to be popular. Gamers in the role of terrorists or SWAT agents will win by placing bombs or destroying all opponents. Because it has appeared on the market for decades, the number of members is extremely large. The major prizes of this game are: MLG Columbus, Eleague, ESL One,…

Betting on attractive Esport tournaments

In games with a large number of followers, there will certainly be no shortage of bookmakers offering bets. And Esport tournaments are no exception to this rule. Below are some of the most common and most attractive types of bets.

Bet on the winning team

This is the simplest way to play when betting on Esport tournaments. Because in each match, you only need to predict the winning team. If it is correct, then you will win according to the ratio and if you lose, you will lose your capital.

Handicap bet on kill

Somewhat similar to soccer betting, participants will make predictions about the strength of the two teams. In this way of playing, the house will list the handicap for the stronger team. For example, if T1 meets KT in the game League of Legends, the kill handicap given to T1 is -1.5.

At the end of the game, T1’s kill count was 22 and KT’s was 20. So, taking T1 -1.5’s 22 kills, they still had 20.5 kills > KT’s 20 kills. Therefore, if we bet on the legendary Korean team, we will win the bet.
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Bet on the winning team for each map

This is a type of bet specifically for the game CS:GO. Because each map will have different strategies and influences applied by teams. So depending on each map, the house will offer bonus or handicap rates appropriate to the performance ability of the two teams.

Bet on breaking the first building

This is the format for games like League of Legends or Dota 2. The player’s task is to predict which team will destroy the opponent’s structure first.

Other types of bets

In addition to the ways to play listed above, we have many other options such as:

  • Betting on the first kill: You will predict which team will get the first kill.
  • Total kills: Similar to the Over/Under bet, players will predict the total kills of both teams. If below the listed house rate is Under, above is Over.
  • Big target bet: In League it’s Baron, in Dota 2 it’s Roshan. Players will predict how many minutes these 2 targets in the game will be destroyed. There are 2 options according to the odds the house also offers such as 21 minutes, below 21 is Under, above is Over.

So through the above article, readers have also seen the appeal of betting on Esport tournaments. Hopefully Kubet’s sharing has helped you understand more about this new type. Hope everyone has a winning day, “bring money home to mom”!

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