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If you are a professional betting player, you are probably familiar withHandicap 1.75. This is a very popular type of bet and is favored by the betting community. However, there are still many new people who do not clearly understand this type of bet. In the article below we will help you understand more about this bet and how to take advantage of your chances of winning when participating in betting.sport football.
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What is the 1.75 handicap?

The 1.75 handicap, also known as the 2-and-a-half handicap or the 1 3/4 handicap, is one of the popular types of Asian handicap soccer handicaps. Bettors often encounter this type of bet when participating in betting. The way this bet is displayed can vary depending on the bookmaker, expressed as 1.75 or 1 3/4. The 1.75 handicap is based on the difference in the number of goals between the two teams in a match.

This genre requires players to have determination and experience, as it brings potential risks. To evaluate the 1 3/4 handicap, players need to pay attention to the bookies’ odds to understand the difference between the two teams and determine the likelihood of the results occurring. Following the latest news and information about the situation of the teams is also important to make betting decisions. Therefore, the 1 3/4 handicap is a popular choice to help increase your chances of winning in soccer betting.

The most accurate way to read the 1.75 handicap for players

The 1.75 handicap is a type of handicap that often appears in soccer betting. To clearly understand the 1.75 handicap, we need to master the following basic parameters:

  • Over (handicap): The team at the top is considered to have the advantage and is usually the stronger team.
  • Underdog (receive): The underdog team receives extra value before the match starts, and is usually the weaker team.

The 1.75 handicap parameter is often divided into two parts, the 1.5 handicap and the 2 handicap. This means that the team at the top starts the match with 1 and a half goals (equivalent to 0.75 goals) of advantage over the team at the bottom. below. The result of the 1.75 bet will be determined based on the score after the match ends and the initial handicap value. Specific results:

  • If the team on the upper side wins by 3 goals or more, the player who placed the upper bet will win the entire bet.
  • If the team on the upper side wins with a difference of 2 goals, the player will win half the bet and lose half the bet if they bet on the lower side.
  • If the team on the underdog wins, draws or loses by 1 goal, the player who bets on the over will lose the entire bet, while the under bet will win the entire bet.

Experience playing 1.75 handicap to win big you should know

The 1 3/4 handicap is a type of soccer betting that is quite complicated and carries many risks. To optimize your chances of winning and minimize losses when playing this bet, you need to learn some experience from the experts as follows:

Understand match information clearly

When participating in a 1.75 handicap bet, choose matches with a significant difference in strength and form of the two teams. These matches have a higher chance of having a result difference of 2 goals or more.

Avoid choosing matches that are evenly matched or have many unpredictable variables, such as weather, pitch or referee decisions. These matches can result in a draw or a difference of just 1 goal.

Focus on choosing teams with effective attack and scoring strategies. These teams are capable of creating many scoring opportunities and putting great pressure on their opponents. Avoid teams that defend and score little, as they often keep score and rarely participate in exciting matches.
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Bet on the 1.75 handicap for stable teams and maintain consistency in matches. These teams often have stable performance and are not psychologically affected. Avoid choosing teams that have large fluctuations due to the influence of external factors and are difficult to predict.

Learn from experienced experts who have gone before

You can join the community of betting groups and forums to share and learn more about soccer betting experiences from experts. Finding out the community’s opinions also plays an important role, helping players make more accurate decisions.

Choose reasonable odds when playing the 1.75 handicap

You should choose odds that match your betting budget and compare odds from many different bookmakers to find the highest value. Avoid choosing bets with odds that are too high or too low without a clear reason, because they carry high risk and do not bring profit.

The 1.75 handicap is considered a difficult and risky bet, especially not suitable for those new to betting. If you find it difficult to face this bet, consider choosing easier and less risky types such as total goals bet, full match bet or Over/Under bet.

In case you feel the bet has a high chance of failure, you can release the bet to preserve the remaining bet. However, before applying the betting method, understand this concept and grasp how to implement it effectively to avoid unnecessary loss of profits.

You should bet if the odds are stable

Be patient and do not bet on the 1.75 handicap right from the beginning, but instead, wait until the first 15 minutes of the match. If you notice that the match is completely advantageous for the favorite team and the house does not adjust the handicap, then consider betting on the favorite team. On the contrary, if you see that the underdog team has a solid and strong defense system, along with the weakness of the top team’s attack, you can consider betting on the underdog team.

You should bet on a handicap of 1.75 in big and prestigious tournaments

One of the other important experiences is to focus on betting in reputable football tournaments. In these tournaments, strong and weak teams will compete together in the same group or round.

Reputable tournaments often offer a 1.75 handicap when players bet. Some tournaments you should not miss are: World Cup, Premier League, League One, Serie A, La Liga, Euro or Asia Cup,… Choosing these tournaments gives players a feeling of peace of mind, because There is a secure team and there are no signs of manipulation of the results.


Above is some information and experience in choosing the 1.75 handicap from experts. In addition, players should also participate in soccer betting forums to learn more about betting experiences in this type of bet. Please register an account nowOkvip 50k Give new members today a chance to bet on your favorite team and experience other exciting games at bookmakers!

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