How to Play Bau Cua Always Win Over the House

How to play Bau Cua to always win must combine not only luck but also smart tactics. The following article of New88 today will bring you good strategies from experts. Let’s explore the golden secrets to help bettors win convincingly every time they enter a match.

What is crab gourd?

Originating from China, this is a folk game also known as Ca Tom Crab, Shaking Bau Cua,… However, up to now the game is available in all large and small casinos. both offline and online, to meet the maximum needs of bettors.

This game’s kit will include 1 bowl, 1 plate and 3 dice. Each box will be the image of a mascot, including: Shrimp, Crab, Fish, Chicken, Gourd, Deer. A game host will be chosen to coordinate the game before it starts. The game can be divided into multiple rounds and does not specify the number of participants. Each person will choose a lucky box and bet money.

Learn the game Bau Cua Tom Ca

When the 15 seconds expire, the dealer will begin the process of opening the bowl and announcing the winner. The winning face is the face up side of the dice and the dealer will pay you directly. Generous payout rate, based on the number of appearances of the mascot. Therefore, the game is very popular, always in the HOT game store at entertainment spots.

How to play Bau Cua always wins from long-time players

There is no trick that guarantees 100% winning, but applying these ways to always win Bau Cua will increase your chances of winning. Below are some quite useful betting experiences for bettors to refer to.

Master the rules and sides of the dice

The first factor that determines your win or loss is to clearly understand the rules and remember the 6 sides of the dice in detail. This will help you remember the back of the dice, to know the specific rules:

  • The face that appeared in the previous round, in the next swing game, you can ignore the face on the opposite side. If the first round is a Crab, we can bet on the back of the Gourd in the next round.
  • Bet on the side adjacent to the mascots won in the previous shake.
  • Record the opposites: Bau with Chicken, Deer with Chicken, Shrimp with Fish. This way will save a lot of time to remember.

How to play Bau Cua to always win by remembering the dice

Observe the bets of the experts

Most veteran bettors have extremely special methods, with high winning rates. But to practice this way of playing Bau Cua to always win, you need to observe at least 10 games to know who is the master. Once you know the goal you are pursuing, you just need to follow their moves and you will definitely not be afraid of “empty-handed”.

This is an extremely popular method, 8/10 players apply it with a chance of winning up to 70%. Because online games are set up automatically, once you understand the rules, victory is in the palm of your hand.

Raising Crab Gourds

The next way to always win Bau Cua that New88 wants to introduce to you is raising gourds. This method is extremely effective when using techniques such as:

Double bet – How to play Bau Cua to always win from a master

  • Only raise 1 door: Bettors will choose 1 mascot face and then raise them in many consecutive matches. It is best to base on previous statistics to choose which side to raise to ensure a higher winning rate.
  • Raising double pots: This way of investing ensures that players will definitely make a profit when they win. You will raise 1 door but double your bet if you lose, for example, in the first game you bet 100k but lose the next game to 200k, then 400k… Until you win, you will return to the original level.

Choosing which way to bet will depend on the player’s available funds. If you’re worried and don’t have the courage to put down a large amount of money, you can divide your budget into small pieces to practice and predict to bet accurately.
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Prediction – How to play Bau Cua always wins

Here, players will make statistics and analyze the results of the previous series of matches to find the door with a high winning rate. To do well, you must concentrate your mind to monitor and remember whether any card appears 5 times or more.

How to play Bau Cua to always win with soi

According to professional players, the probability of success in prediction ranges from 80 – 90%. However, it is quite difficult to learn and practice for first-time beginners, it will be more suitable for experts.

Maintain your mentality

Besides remembering the rules and building strategies, bettors must also ensure a stable mind and steely spirit to make accurate analysis and predictions. Please stay calm to handle any problems so that they don’t become more complicated.

Above are our shares How to play Bau Cua always wins, helping bettors play the game most effectively. Sign up for New88 to experience entertainment and huge rewards from this super attractive game.

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