How to Play Tien Len for New Players

Post moves forward is no longer strange to many people, especially gamblers. There are many different genres in this subject. Therefore, choosing a suitable subject for yourself is very important. Among them, Tien Len is always at the top of the popular games. Same house OKVIP Learn how to play Tien Len card game in great detail through the detailed content below.

Introducing how to play Tien Len card game at OKVIP

OKVIP ING Although it is a fairly familiar subject, newcomers need to learn the details to avoid confusion. In just a few minutes, players will be sure to understand the rules, the pieces, and how to play Tien Len at dealer OKVIP reputation.

Types of card combinations in Tien Len

Using a deck of 52 cards, Tien Len has many different card combinations. To be able to start playing this game, you need to understand the rules of combining this card. Below are some good card sets that appear during play.

  • Junk cards: These are cards that cannot be combined together and stand alone. The value of the card will be equal to the value of that card.
  • Pair: 2 cards of the same value will be counted as 1 pair. For example, two 7s will yield a pair of 7s.
  • Straight: If there are 3 cards with increasing value combined together, you will get 1 straight. Straights can be 4 cards, 5 cards up to 13 cards. Just have an increasing value. For example, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
  • Cu: 3 cards of the same value will be counted as 1 tick. For example, 3 8 cards will get an 8.
  • Four of a Kind: A player who owns 4 cards of the same value will be a Four of a Kind. This set of cards can kill other players.
  • 3 Pairs: A set of cards that have 3 pairs of consecutively increasing values. For example, 3 pairs J, Q and K.
  • 4 pair of pine: Similar to 3 pair of pine, 4 pair of pine is a set of cards with 4 pairs of consecutive values. For example, pair 9, 10, J, Q. This is the largest set of tight cards in Tien Len.

How to play Tien Len specifically for new players

According to How to play Tien Tien card game At the beginning, the next person will have to hit the stick higher than the previous person. However, it needs to be the same color and quality as the previous one to be valid. If there are no cards from the same suit as the previous player, you can skip and give the toy to another member. When switching to new rules, you can skip the rule and play again. In Tien Len, 2 is the highest number that can be used to play other odd numbers. But you also need to be careful not to drop the 2 on your last card. Given numbers with the same value and in 4 different suits, they are called quartets. You can use it in an emergency such as a cut. 2. Quarter pieces for example: 4 spades of diamonds and hearts.

These terms are used a lot in the article Moving On

One of the ways to play cards successfully is to understand the terminology used. You will know the status of your cards, thereby making appropriate choices and paths:

  • Cu/Sam Co: A deck of cards consisting of three cards with the same number or picture value.
  • Pair: A set of two cards of the same value.
  • Junk: Odd cards that do not belong to a straight or pair.
  • Straight: A deck of 3 or more consecutive cards, no deck required. Please note that there will be no lobby A23 or KA2 and 234.
  • Four of a kind: A deck of cards consisting of four cards of the same number, used to divide two or three pairs of cards.
  • Pair: A set of more than three consecutive pairs in order.
  • Rotten: At the end of the game, any hand that still has a quarter, a 3 or 2 remaining is considered rotten.
  • Blind Put: The player chooses to play the last 3 of spades.
  • Freeze/deal: Only 1 player creates cards, all other players are not allowed to play any cards until the end of the game.

The process of playing a game moves forward

The way to play Tien Len stipulates that a game will start counterclockwise. Whoever plays first has the right to choose any card they want to play. The next bet will use an odd number or a larger combination to block. The general rule is that the lobby blocks the lobby, the pair blocks the pair, the gray blocks the gray and the trash blocks the trash.

Any player who does not have a piece to block or chooses to skip a turn does not have the right to take that turn. The game will continue until whoever runs out first wins. Of course, moving forward there will always be a blank slate. That means you don’t have to play any card to still come out on top.

In the first game, whoever owns four of a kind 3s or 3 pairs of pines plus 3 spades wins white. In a normal game, there are 5 pairs in a row, four pairs of pigs, any 6 pairs, 6 pairs of consecutive raids or 12/13 pieces of the same color and the dragon bet wins white. So here you have it

General regulations on cutting pigs in playing Tien Len card game

While playing Tien Len, you need to remember that the pig card has the greatest value. However, if you don’t have it, don’t worry. Just owning one of the following combinations will give you the right to cut 2
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  • Four quarters: chop 1 pair of pigs or 1 individual pig. At the same time, the big four will block the small four.
  • 3 pairs of pines: will block 1 pig and 3 pairs of smaller pines.
  • 4 pairs of pine: chop 1 pair 2 or individually. At the same time, add four quarters, sets of 3 pairs of pine trees or 4 smaller pairs of pine trees.

The above article from OKVIP about how to play Tien Len card sent to the gaming community. Hopefully the above information will help you grasp the most specific details on how to play. If you want to be successful, you need to understand the rules, don’t hesitate to spend a few minutes to understand better.

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