Learn about the Unique Cotton Chicken Breed from the past to present

Fluffy chicken is a species with a new beauty that many people love very much. Besides, the value that each of these animals brings is not low, up to tens of millions for one animal. To help cockers better understand this mobile cotton ball, join us to learn more about this unique chicken breed in the article below.

Learn briefly about cotton chicken

Fluffy chickens are also called fluffy chicken, is a large variety originating from China. The characteristic feature of this breed is that it has shaggy fur like a Japanese poodle, covering the body and head, living in cold and warm climates. Their fur covers their entire body so their face is the only part we can see.

Each animal of this type usually has a lifespan of 7-8 years and can even live 9 years if the care conditions are good. Adults weigh from 1.5 to 2 kg. This species is not picky about food and their main foods are rice, green vegetables and rice.

The hatching success rate of this breed is very high. But it only lays 7-8 eggs during its reproductive cycle.

Instructions on how to see the color of a chicken’s web in the most detailed detail

The Five Elements is a symbol in feng shui, including the 5 networks of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. We will use fur color to determine which network it belongs to.

These networks have mutual and incompatible relationships with each other. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand the principles to choose the color of the cockfighting network to increase your chances of winning when betting at attractive cockfighting playgrounds like in Hi88.

  • Breeds with yellow or white fur will belong to the Metal destiny.
  • Species with gray fur will belong to the Wood element.
  • Species with gray, blue or green fur will belong to the Water element.
  • Species with red fur will have the Fire element.
  • Those with brown or earthy orange fur will belong to the earth element.

Can cotton chickens participate in cockfighting?

This type is known for its gentle nature and is often kept as a pet or for display purposes. So can you actually participate in exciting cockfighting matches?

The cotton chicken breed has blue legs

The blue-legged variety is quite common and popular, so finding and buying them is quite simple. But not all blue-legged species can become fighting cocks. To be able to achieve this, they need to go through a process of training and practice. In particular, you need to know what network they have in order to have appropriate care and training. Their probability of winning when competing will be extremely high.

Cotton chickens have white legs

Slightly ivory white legs are usually the legs of healthy, agile and sturdy cockers during movement. If they have white legs and rough fur, that is a good trait and should not be missed. Ancient question“Fluffy chicken “White feet even if my mother scolds me, I still buy them” further confirms the importance of this characteristic.

Fluffy chickens have yellow legs

Many brothers believe that the yellow leg millet variety will have superior kicking power. If well cared for and trained, no matter what life they carry, their kicking power can be boundless and easily defeat their opponents.

The mixture of yellow and black gives them a strong appearance when fighting. The better they are trained, the further their fighting ability will develop. That is the reason why yellow-legged umbrellas are popular and sought after by many people today.

Rough-feathered chickens have lead-colored legs

Between the four colors of legs and chickens Lead-colored legs are also considered weak and weak in strength and spirit, easily defeated in battle. Therefore, it is not just the coat color fluffy chicken As with any breed, players often avoid choosing species with lead-colored legs to participate in competitions.

Should cockers raise cotton chickens to participate in betting?

Cockers often raise chickens to participate in fighting and betting activities, so raising silk feather breeds is not their first choice. Silk chicken is a species with soft feathers. thick and smooth as silk. Usually they are kept mainly as pets or for display.

But if you want to raise some breeds other than fighting chickens for pets or entertainment, raising silk-feathered chickens may be an interesting option to consider.

Above is all the information about this unique species – fluffy chicken which we want to share with all of you. Through that, you will be equipped with more useful knowledge about this special breed to have many more matches. Đá Gà Hi88 attractive.

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