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Since appearing in the online game market until now, reward game portals have always received great attention from professional players. Among them, the most prominent can be mentioned New88 – where millions of gamers participate in winning prizes every day. So what is it about this game portal that attracts players so much? Let’s  New88 Learn more in-depth in the article below.

Overview of game portal information New88

Online game portal to redeem rewards New88 with the most participants today. Especially in Southeast Asia. Although the game portal has only appeared in Southeast Asia for many years, it has appeared in Vietnam for nearly 2 years. Because of the modern style of the international market, this game portal has made a good impression on game players since its launch.

The game portal has many advantages when participating in games such as: appropriate participation interface, gaming service that many people can participate in. New88 is a very good choice for people participating in online games to redeem rewards today. Join us to learn in detail the outstanding features of this online reward game in the following article.

The online game portal attracts many participants for many different reasons. The fish shooting game is quite easy to play and is also a simple game genre with the highest winning rate today. Especially with outstanding features for gamesdealer provide.

Game portal review New88

It’s no coincidence that the game port New88 can attract such a large number of players. Up to now, this house has always received positive feedback from players on fish shooting forums. Let’s learn about the outstanding features of New88 right below

Vivid interface, quality sound and images

Graphical interface at the online game house New88 Designed with care and meticulousness in every step by many players who love swimming. Especially the interface is eye-catching and attracts players to play the game. The game’s images are also very sharp, helping players feel like they are entering a vast ocean world.

Images of different large and small fish will be one of the most wonderful combinations, bringing vivid sounds and being immersed in the vast ocean world. It’s especially good to hear and see at this online game exchange portal.

Attractive reward exchange rate

The reward exchange rate at the online game house is 1:1. This is one of the quite high reward exchange rates offered by online game bookmakers New88 apply. Gaming transactions are carried out fully and directly on this online gaming portal. Without going through any special intermediaries, players can feel completely secure.

Absolutely safe security mode

Security is one of the top issues and reasons that players decide to play games at New88 or not. In particular, the 3-layer security method is safe and personal information is not stolen, it is impossible for the bonus amount in the account to be hacked and lost.

Besides, transactions made, including deposits or withdrawals, are all through OTP authentication codes sent to the player’s phone. Therefore, you can feel completely secure about transactions participating in online gaming and redeeming rewards here.

Games at New88

Game warehouse at New88 is one of the characteristics highly appreciated by players. You can freely choose games to immerse yourself in the world of entertainment when coming to this reward game portal.

Below are online games New88 with the most participation by players. Specifically includes:

  • Village Pond: This game room is built for players with limited capital, or those with low levels who want to practice to improve.
  • Song Stream: is a game portal with average difficulty and does not require too much capital, that’s why this game portal attracts the most players.
  • High Seas: this is the largest game store, gathering top players with a lot of experience. At the same time, players in this game must also have abundant and stable financial resources to be able to buy many weapons.

With these 3 types of game rooms, it can be arranged to suit each different user. You can participate in the game based on the most suitable game room. You can choose from experience and the amount of investment capital you deposit into the house account New88.

Promotion at the game portal New88

Online game bookmakers exchange prizes New88 provides interesting game products and is played by many people. Below are the reasons why you should participate in playing online games to redeem rewards here with the program promotion Attractive as follows:

  • Give away 100% of the top-up card value to new players coming for the first time New88.
  • Promotion card top-up value up to 5% every day.
  • Refund to losers up to 20%
  • Follow the fan page and group of this game portal to receive more daily gift codes.
  • The higher the level of the player, the higher the value of the prize received. This is an attractive promotion to show gratitude to old customers.

Unlike other game portals, promotions at New88 Not only for new players but there are also many incentives for players who have been with the house for a long time. Thanks to that, the game portal can both attract new players and maintain the number of old members over the years.

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Instructions for registering an account New88

To participate in the entertainment space of New88, players need to own an official member account. The account registration steps are quite simple, optimized to suit all types of players on the market.

Follow the following steps correctly and completely to register a house account New88:

  • Step 1: Visit the game portal’s homepage New88, in this interface, players click on the “register” button in the upper corner of the screen.
  • Step 2: Fill in the posting information carefully according to the available template table that the system provides to players. Usually this information includes: account name, nickname, password, account registration phone number, etc.
  • Step 3: Check again to ensure the accuracy of the information you provided to the dealer
  • Step 4: Activate account registration by clicking on the “register” box at the bottom of the form.
  • Step 5: After the system has approved the registration form, you can log in to your account to start participating in games to redeem rewards with your friends at New88.

With these 5 simple steps, the player already owns a member account New88 to officially participate in all activities of the house. Note: each player should only register one main account, intentional acts of creating multiple accounts for cheating purposes will be detected and handled promptly by the house.


Above is all the information we have shared about the house New88. Hopefully this information helps you easily access and choose games. Millions of players have participated every day and won valuable prizes, join today!


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