Top FIFA World Cup Statistics

The famous FIFA World Cup has hosted 22 international events since the event originated in 1930. If you love football, then you may or may not have heard about some of these statistics concerning the FIFA World Cup. Let’s dive into learning about these stats so that you’re ready when it’s time to flaunt your knowledge with friends and family who may also be into FIFA.

Be sure to place your bet during upcoming FIFA games. With the slow and steady upcoming next FIFA World Cup being in 2026, you never know how the professional league teams will improve and evolve over the next couple of years to where it can determine which team takes the overall victory.

In What Months Every Four Years Is the FIFA World Cup Usually Held?

Every four years, the FIFA World Cup usually takes place mid June into mid July. One exception was FIFA World Cup 2022 that happened on November 20, 2022 to December 18, 2022. Qatar had a high level of humidity and heat in 2022. Hence, for the safety of the players, spectators, and team personnel, the organization decided to host the event in more comfortable conditions during November and December of that year.

Brazil Has Attended All the Events Of FIFA World Cup Tournament History

Brazil’s football team, known locally as Canarinha, has appeared at all 22 FIFA World Cup events. This shows their dedication and willpower to how much football is important not only to their team in the league, but also to their country as a cultural norm.

Plus, the Brazil team has also secured the most titles in FIFA World Cup history, which could be attributed to star players when each title was earned and how often they participated in this high-profile sports event. They earned their first winning title as victor of the 1958 FIFA World Cup. Brazil won the event four other times including the years 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002 respectively.

Two Teams Are Tied for the Most Consecutive Wins of the FIFA World Cup

Italy achieved two consecutive wins in the 1934 FIFA World Cup Championship and the 1938 installment. In less than 25 years later, Brazil made the tied record by winning the 1958 FIFA World Cup and the 1962 one as well.

Longest Gap Between A Win And Obtaining the Next Title

While Italy had two consecutive wins in the last two FIFA World Cup Championships of the 1930s, they had a bit of trouble obtaining their next title for 44 years after that. They did not win another FIFA World Cup Championship until the 1982 edition, which meant there were 9 World Cup tournaments that occurred before they were able to obtain another victory.

Two Cancellations Of the FIFA World Cup Championship Happened In the 1940s Because Of World War II

If you are new to watching FIFA, you may have not known that there were two cancellations for the World Cup Championship in the 1940s. The 1942 FIFA World Cup was originally planned to be held in South America. However, the start of World War II hindered the event from ever taking place. Despite this, Sweden and Germany had their own football match held via Nazi Germany with 100,000 fans spectating, which is not dubbed as an unofficial World Cup event.

World War II had finally ended when Germany surrendered in May of that year and later when an atomic bomb had onslaught Hiroshima and ended everything once and for all on September 2, 1945. It would have been too short of a turnaround time to make preparations for the 1946 World Cup Championship.

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