What is the Scratch Card Game that makes many gamers desire it?

Many beginners ask that What is a scratch card?, where is the safe place to play scratch cards,… The attraction that this sport brings is currently hotter than the summer weather. Coming to online casinos around the world, customers can be seen participating in this game everywhere. Definitely don’t miss out on this sought-after game!

Answer the question what is a scratch card

OKVIP It’s not a new question, but what is a scratch card game? It’s often asked over and over again every summer. Because every year, there are new bettors joining the money-making entertainment game industry. Scratch card is just a common name that Vietnamese players say to each other, but in fact Baccarat is its scientific name.

When game publishers brought it to our country, Baccarat was slightly modified to suit Vietnamese culture. However, the basic features required in the subject are still maintained until today. Among them is using a deck of 52 cards and dealing 3 cards to each player.

It is said that the risk in this game is quite high when determining victory or defeat by comparing the total score between the cards. The winner is the bettor with the highest score and will win all the bets from other members.

Popular types of scratch cards today

Faced with the growing demand of gambling enthusiasts, What is a scratch card? perhaps not strange anymore. Currently, what you are concerned about is the popular types of Baccarat. The online red and black market is busier than ever with the following forms of scratch cards:

  • 5-card scratch card.
  • Scratch cards.
  • Lieng scratch cards (also known as scratch cards or 3 cards).
  • Scratch cards.
  • Scratch card with 3 aces.
  • KTO high and low scratch card.

Terminology to understand when playing scratch cards

After understanding the concept What is a scratch card?, many brothers immediately entered the game. However, this is not the right thing to do because bettors are still not equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. To integrate well with long-time members, gamers should understand the following terms:

  • Steal: The player has the right to choose to steal or not right from the start of the game. In case there are many people choosing to rob or no one, the system will randomly choose one person to do this task.
  • Betting: This is the process of placing money to be eligible to participate in the game. Bettors can bet 1 time for the first time or bet 5 times the first bet in the 5x room, 10 times in the 10x room, etc. When the betting time is up, if any player does not choose, the game portal will default to 1 time bet.
  • Contribute plays: Every player can choose to contribute plays or not, the contribution amount is calculated by the first bet.
  • View cards: When each player is dealt 3 cards, you calculate your own score. If the total score is a number greater than 1 digit, take the number in the units place.
  • Compare cards: Your family will compare cards with each other or with the dealer to know who wins and who loses.

What are the rules of playing scratch cards?

Whether or not the rules in scratch cards are too complicated to follow can also make new gamers feel confused. After learning the content below, I guarantee you will stop worrying immediately.
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What is the principle of calculating scratch cards?

Each game takes place with 2 – 6 people playing together. However, it is not necessary that this number must be sufficient for a new table to be opened. Game halls that operate in a house versus house style will not limit the number of players betting at the same time.

Rules for calculating points in the game:

  • 1 point for Ace (A).
  • Cards 2 – 10 have the same number of points as the number written on them.
  • 10 points for cards with pictures (J, Q, K).
  • Don’t differentiate between the quality of the game and only care about the score.

What is the operation of playing scratch cards?

Anyone whose total score of 3 cards is close to 9 or equal to 9 will take the prize money back into their pocket. When the score is 0, it will be a compensatory scratch card. The steps in a normal Baccarat match are conducted as follows:

  • Step 1: Put money in the “eraser” box (some places simply call it the bet box).
  • Step 2: After completing the betting process, the dealer will deal 3 random cards from a set of 53 cards.
  • Step 3: Each individual will calculate their own total score.
  • Step 4: Decide to choose All, All, Call or Set depending on whether your cards are strong or not.
  • Step 5: Compare the cards of all members at the table, whoever has the higher score wins.

Through the recent information, we hope you will understand better What is a scratch card? same accompanying rules. It is not necessary to have 2 – 6 people to form a game, OKVIP is launching a form of mind-matching between customers and bookmakers. Here, bettors will have many great experiences and delicious incentives.

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