What is Tu Lo Kho? The Easiest Way to Play Tu Lo Kho

What is Tu Lo Kho? also known as poker, or Tien Len Bac is one of the entertainment games that attracts many players today. It is an entertaining deck of 52 cards according to different rules but they have 1 value. certain general value.
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Even though it was born a long time ago, this game still strangely attracts players. Tu Lo Kho, also known as Northern Tien Len, has the same gameplay and rules as Southern Tien Len.

Tu Lo Kho is always one of the card game with rewards favored by many people. Let’s learn about this game!

What is Tu Lo Kho?

Tu Lo Kho is a familiar term to experienced players today, in fact this is just another name for Northern Tien. If we talk about the concept of this entertainment subject, tu lo kho is a very broad subject, and it is diverse and can be applied to many other card games, not just advance.

So it can be said that in general, Tu Lo Kho has very diverse and rich gameplay, but they are not too difficult to be easily accessible because they are not fancy gameplay like other card games. This entertainment is performed on 52 cards, very simple and straightforward in gameplay but extremely interesting.

Because it is this tu lo kho that often appears on holidays, and this is also the main entertainment that binds everyone together, bringing a bustling atmosphere to that place.

But don’t think that this sport doesn’t require thinking. To win the game of Tu Lo Kho requires players to be smart, calculate sharply and think through the card moves in their head.

In fact, when it comes to this subject, luck only accounts for 3 parts, the remaining 7 parts will depend on the experience and sharp calculation of the player.

What sets of cards are included in the 52-card deck?

In a set of Tu Lo Kho songs, the following sets will be included:

Junk: Consists of one playing card.

Pair: Consists of 2 playing cards of the same color and carrying the same certain value.

Gray: Contains 3 cards with the same value

Four of a Kind: Contains 4 cards and they have the same value

Straight: Consists of 3 or more cards that all have 1 characteristic of the same suit and have consecutive values.

The cards in the Poker deck will have value from low to high

(3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10)

(J – Q – K – A – 2). Pig leaf (card 2) is allowed to be in any hall, in simple terms, QA2 and JQKA2 are both considered long halls in Tu Lo Kho. Combinations like A23 and 234 do not have any consecutive value in that hand and are not straight.

Instructions on how to play Tu Lo Kho

 This can be said to be the important partVN138 I want to mention in this article, and if you players want to win, please read this part carefully!

First, at the beginning of the betting game, each player is dealt 13 equal cards. If there is a previous winner (or someone randomly selected by the system) who starts a round of poker with any valid set of cards and that person will be the winner. Start the betting game by playing any card the player wants.

The next players will then take turns playing a higher card or skip a turn if there is no higher card to cover. If we skip our turn, we have to wait until the end of the round to enter.

The new round will continue until the players have no cards left and only one person has a card over the last card of that round.

This person will start a new round with any card in their deck having effect. The game ends when all players run out of cards.

Rules for blocking cards in tu lo kho

If there is no first player to initiate the card, we can play our card before it is our turn. A deck that can block another combination is this combination all together.

They have the same number of cards (straights) that have a higher value than usual. Next are a few basic typical examples.

  • An 8 of hearts trash can block a 5 of hearts trash, but not a 5 of spades trash
  • A pair of 8 of hearts/ diamonds can block a pair of 5 of hearts/ diamonds, but cannot block a pair of 5 of clubs/ spades
  • A gray 8 of hearts/ diamonds/ diamonds can block a gray 5 of hearts/ diamonds/ diamonds, but cannot block a gray 5 of hearts/ diamonds/ spades
  • A JQKA straight can block a 3456 straight or 5678 straights can as long as the larger one can block.

In a betting game, if there are two combinations that are not of the same suit, we cannot compare them; each combination can block the other combinations. So because of this, the combinations are of the same suit, have the same number of cards and are of the same type.

Besides, tu lo kho also has other special betting table rules:

  • A 2 (i.e. pig) can block any trash that is not a pig, generally it is the largest trash. Or a pig with a lower suit, the order of suit from high to low for the pig card is diamonds and spades.
  • A four of a kind (4 pieces of the same suit) can block a pig.
  • The pair of pigs can block any pair that is not in the game of tu lo ho but not the pair of pigs. A pair of pigs with a wild pig can block any pair of pigs when there is no other wild pig.
  • The pig cannot be used to get there, but if we play cards and only leave the pig in our hand, it is invalid and can be compensated for the next person to enjoy.

How to calculate points in tu lo kho

If you want to calculate points, then at the end of the game, players can calculate points immediately. All players can pool money depending on the amount of money left on hand.

1 bet is for 1 card, so maybe if you have 10 points or more, you will be prepared to pool your money for the opponent to double a lot.

We have to pay extra if we have pigs or four-of-a-kind pigs in our hand that have not yet come out (ie locked up): 3 bets for 1 black pig, 6 bets for 1 red pig, 10 bets for 1 four-of-a-kind pig.

Temple law in tu lo kho

In any bet of Tu Lo Kho there must always be a compensation rule that shows the fairness of that bet. This means that when a player finishes first and the remaining players still have 13 cards in their hands without dropping any cards, but in that group of cards can prevent the other player from coming, that is considered collusion with the runner-up. Therefore, there will be a way to compensate for that bet as follows.

  • One person leads the round and the person below only has one card left. If the person leading the round discards a playing card (because time runs out or puts down a card) so that the person with one card left comes forward, this person comes to help.
  • One player plays 1 trash and there is only 1 trash left in the bet. If the other players can prevent the other player from coming and do not stop this trash, they are considered colluding to come.
  • One person plays a combination of many cards together and has one trash card left in their hand. If the other people can catch the combination but don’t, it is considered collusion to take money from others. .

So because of this, the person who helps the other person on both sides must pay for all the remaining players. In case there are many people helping in that bet, only the last person to help will be compensated. The payee pays the loser on behalf of all remaining losers.

Instructions on how to play Tu Lo Kho on the zing play application

Before, we only played Tu Lo Kho in real life. Playing like that was really extremely dangerous and inconvenient. So today the admin will guide players to know a new form of playing that is both safe and time-saving, which is playing tu lo kho through zing play. The interface is beautiful and vivid, no different from real life.

So, if anyone is new to this subject, don’t be too confused because soon the admin will give you detailed instructions on how to play Tu Lo Kho on the zing play application completely easily.

The rules of the game are extremely simple, online bookies opened to attract players to them, so the bookies’ game portals are always attractive to attract players to come.

However, the new game rules are the most worth mentioning, when coming to the zing play application, the game rules are completely simple and can be easily applied.

The rules of Tu Lo Kho can be said to be very simple and not as complicated as real-life forms of play because they simply do not have any rules for the players.

So perhaps it is because of this that many players are attracted to online tu lo kho, because they can play easily and play the way they want to be able to earn bonuses for themselves. .

At the same time, players when playing tu lo kho on the zing play application must comply with the rules of the application and voluntarily set up a playing account without being forced to follow any game rules.

Here, zing play only guides tu lo kho for beginners, but for those who have mastered it, there is no need for introduction. Besides, you still need to strictly comply with the general regulations as well as the specific rights of players.
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How to play tu lo kho on the zing play application

It can be said that like any other card game, card games on zing play also need a corresponding way to play, they are only different between real life and online. The number of players as well as the sounds, images and bonus rules are also different.

For example: Moving forward, the playing room has 4 people, but there are many places where they play in larger numbers, up to 5, 6 people and a minimum of 2 people in the room. Players just need to play down the number of cards in their hand as quickly as possible. That counts as a win.

Similarly, when playing phom on the zing play app, you have to calculate and be smart about your moves to be able to win the next person’s play, and to complete the “ù” card, you are considered to be leading the score to complete the “ù” card. ” then this is considered the win or lowest score.

Little-known things about tu lo kho

When it comes to the rules of the game or how to play Tú Lo Kho, it’s all related to the deck of cards. We create many ways to play and name them the way we want, from there it forms a whole game for us. The game world in our hands is both diverse and rich at our disposal in the form of playing cards.

Therefore, games related to cards always have certain similarities that we cannot fully understand and thereby confuse each other a lot.


It can be said that through this detailed article about Tu Lo Kho, the admin hopes to bring more luck to you guys, and have more experienced strategies when playing Tu Lo Kho.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below the article for the admin, we will consult and respond to you immediately.

Thereby, if you find the article’s shares good, share it with your friends and relatives for reference so you can win!

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