Dragon King Fish Shooting – Play Fish Shooting and Get Thousands of Bonuses

Dragon king fish shooting game is not only an entertaining game but also gives you the opportunity to get rich and start a business with super great reward value. You only need to have a capital of 100,000 to be able to participate in the game and receive millions, hundreds of millions of dong. To understand more about this game as well as the fastest way to play the game to win bonuses,Hi88 All information will be revealed in the following article.
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Introducing the game of shooting dragon king fish and exchanging prizes

Dragon King War is a fish shooting game that has been selling for many days in betting forums. Those who love simple, light entertainment but with huge bonuses will definitely want to find more information about this game.

The dragon king fish shooting game is named after the main character of the game – who is also the final boss of this game. The overall interface of the fish shooting genre is similar, however this game stands out because of the image quality as well as the investment in every detail in the game. You will see the diversity of the world under the ocean, about every marine creature that has become extinct or is in the world’s red book.

Extremely responsive game operation is the strongest point of this game. Just load bullets, choose a gun and choose a target to kill, each bullet fired from each gun barrel will definitely never jerk, lag or have a delay affecting your calculations.

Unique features in the dragon king fish shooting game

When participating in this game, gamers not only have simple fish shooting operations but also experience a few exclusive features that only dragon king fish shooting has. Details about these features are as follows.

Hunting strange fish – get more free shots

In the ocean filled with colorful fish, you will meet a few more unique and strange fish species with golden stars attached to their bodies. When you see this star sign on these fish, you need to quickly kill them to receive the next dozen free shots.

These fish species will not have specific standards. You may encounter fish that only need 2-4 small bullets to successfully defeat. However, you will still encounter some fish species that shoot 5-10 large bullets to kill them.

Complete fish collection – receive random items

A unique feature that makes many bettors love this dragon king fish shooting game is: Hunting fish, receiving bonuses when hunting fish and receiving additional support items.
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Specifically, this feature is as follows: The game will have many different groups of fish from 10-20 types. You just need to participate in defeating these groups of fish and you will immediately receive the corresponding item. For example, defeating 20 yellow fish will immediately receive an explosive bomb, defeating 15 round-bodied fish will immediately receive a fish catch.

Join the challenge – Get bonus x2

This is a feature for fellow bettors to interact and connect with more like-minded people when playing the dragon king fish shooting game.

Details of the challenge mode are as follows: You will bet 1000 – 10,000 gold in this mode before participating in fish hunting. Then within 120 seconds you will have to kill as many fish as possible to calculate bonus points. If you become the person with the most bonus points, the bonus = bet x2.

Tips for playing dragon king fish shooting to win the fastest prizes

So that you can have fun and win big prizes in this game, Hi88 will reveal to you some fish hunting secrets from experts in this field.

You should only shoot dragon king fish when you have a large capital

Those who have just played the first 1-2 games should not participate in boss hunting in this game. The reason is because at this time you do not have much practical experience, and do not have too much capital to be able to shoot the best bullets for a long time. Defeating the dragon king boss is almost only 20%.

You should not play dragon king fish shooting during peak hours

Peak hours are the time when most gamers participate in shooting fish for prizes, but rookies should not play at this time.

The main reason is because when there are many people, it will be easy to stumble upon fish shooting tables with experts. If there is only 1 player at a table, your chances of winning money are still higher than 50%. But if there are 2-3 players at the table, it’s like you’ve lost all your capital.


Information about the dragon king fish shooting game has been fully and detailedly shared by Hi88 with you guys. Hope for information about the gameShoot Fish This will help you better understand the game as well as gain more experience in hunting and fishing, bringing in the most rewards.

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