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Shooting fish and exploding jars has become one of the most popular titles on mobile and computer platforms. Known for its sharp graphics, exciting and vivid sound effects, attracting millions of participants worldwide. In this article by the bookmaker Jun88 We will learn about the game’s information and how to play in the most detail.

What is fish shooting?

Learn about the fish shooting game

Shooting fish and exploding jars Surely from the name you can already see what type of game this is, right? This is a type of entertainment that combines fish shooting games and pot exploding games. When playing, the shooter will start spending money to shoot fish. Every time he hits the target, money will be accumulated into the reward fund.

Until you reach the jackpot, that means you will be able to win with the amount of money in your bonus fund.Shooting fish and exploding jars is a fish shooting game to exchange prizes. Present portJun88 also launched this genre and received a lot of response.

The interface is similar to a regular fish shooting game. However, the reward level will be more attractive, the game also combines elements of luck and skill. Players not only rely on luck to experience but also have to play a lot to accumulate experience.
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Attractive points of the fish shooting game

Attractive advantages of the game

As shared above Shoot fish and explode is a combination of two types of game images. One is a traditional recreational fish shooting game, players will easily get used to the game’s methods.

The rest is a reward for you when you open the jar. This is the attractive part of this game. This is considered a worthy gift for the shooter when they successfully shoot fish and end up opening the jar.

Game Shoot fish and explode How to play again is easy, just interactively put in coins and start shooting fish. The important thing here is that you must have capital to bet. The operation is very easy to understand, just press the spin button and wait for the results to appear.

This game is both a brain-stimulating game and brings many different emotions to participants. Even if everyone is familiar with the interface of fish shooting games or jackpot games, with this game, your impression will completely change.

Learn the rules of playing the fish shooting game in detail

The rules of this game are also extremely simple and extremely easy to understand for new players to easily access and experience.

You will have an automatic gun and a certain amount of bullets to shoot with each wave of fish appearing on the screen. Here everyone will have to face many waves, most of the time there will be about 15 waves of fish appearing. Small fish targets will usually range from 5 to 10 points, while large fish or angelfish targets will usually range from 50 – 100 points.

Instructions on how to play super cool fish shooting

Revealing some super cool methods of playing fish shooting

The followingJun88 will share how to play the fish shooting game that professional players often apply to be able to capture the most targets.

Shoot at bait

First method is a way to shoot at bait. That means gamers will no longer focus on big fish goals, but will focus on small fish to accumulate every penny to get the necessary amount of protein.

MethodThis shot is very safe for new players Shoot fish and explode exchange rewards. However, to accumulate an amount of protein that can shoot large targets or angelfish is very difficult and may be impossible to achieve.

Massive shooting

The next form of shooting fish on the phone is to shoot massively, this method of shooting will ensure the ability to destroy angelfish or large fish. This is the way for professional players Shoot fish and explode most applicable. Because this way of shooting depends on whether the player has a lot of bullets or not.

Therefore, the first thing to be able to apply that strategy is to equip yourself with a lot of bullets, and calculate how much blood the angelfish or giant turtle needs to destroy.

Shoot in batches

Form of firing in batches Shoot fish and explode This reward is similar to the mass shooting method above, but the difference is that the player will not have as much ammo as with the mass shooting method.

Everyone will shoot in batches and keep bullets at unnecessary steps. For example, if you want to kill large targets, then when small fish appear, you will only shoot to get a few necessary bullets. The remaining ammo will be saved for larger target rounds to shoot effectively.

Playing methods and principles of play Shoot fish and explode wasJun88 Summarize in the most detailed and specific way. Wishing everyone success, destroy all targets and bring back huge rewards!

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