bóng đá SIN88 Share with all of you information about the attractive and dramatic OKVIP Cup 7th Stadium friendly football tournament. Without missing another moment, we invite all players to join us through the following report.

SIN88 is known as a bookmaker that organizes friendly tournaments regularly. Recently, this betting paradise organized a friendly tournament Cup OKVIP impressive. Detailed information about the OKVIP 7 cup stadium friendly tournament will be sent to you in the most detail in this article.

Reasons for organizing a friendly cupOKVIP?

The activity of providing betting services in our country is an extremely vibrant service with the participation of many bookmakers. However, bookmakers often do not have too much connection between units in the process of providing services.

For this reason, SIN88 stood up to organize a tournament for bookmakers to show off their talents together. The best athletes from each unit will gather into a team to compete for the OKVIP trophy.

This friendly football tournament will help connect bookmakers in Vietnam with each other. At the same time, it helps bookmakers find a common direction for development and develop better services for Vietnamese players.

Details of friendly cup at stadium 7 for cup competitionOKVIP

You can refer to information about the house’s OKVIP friendly cup when logging in to SIN88:

Bookies participating in SIN88’s tournament

Bookmaker SIN88 organized this friendly tournament for top bookmakers in Vietnam to participate together. In addition to SIN88, there are also 6 other bookmakers showing off their talents in this tournament, including brands such as Hitclub, B52 or Debet… Teams will compete in a round-robin format, followed by a knockout match. until the final winning name is found.

OKVIP friendly tournament takes place

This tournament takes place over a period of 2 weeks with the enthusiastic participation of bookmakers as well as players. The final match was held on Sunday of week 2, attracting a large audience to cheer.

The connection grew stronger after the cup OKVIP

After the OKVIP Cup, the athletes, organizers and bookmakers’ leaders attended an intimate party. This has created a strong connection between bookmakers, promising to create a strong betting community in the future.

Plans for other tournaments in the future

In the near future, SIN88 Together with other bookmakers, we will jointly organize other betting tournaments for athletes to compete together. You can participate in these tournaments when you register as an employee of future betting brands.

It is expected that this friendly tournament will be held once a year. The number of participating bookmakers will increase each year as the connection between bookmakers grows stronger.


Friendly tournament with 7 cupsOKVIP ended with good memories in the hearts of athletes, staff as well as bookmakers’ leaders. SIN88 promises to bring more friendly tournaments in the future.

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