Feld Entertainment: The Magic Behind the Scenes

Every time we watch a mesmerizing circus show, a mind-blowing monster truck event, or an enchanting Disney on Ice performance, there’s a good chance we’re witnessing the craftsmanship of Feld Entertainment. But what is the story behind this entertainment giant? 

Table of Contents:

  1. The Humble Beginnings of Feld Entertainment
  2. Their Most Iconic Productions
  3. What Sets Feld Apart: A Unique Approach to Entertainment
  4. How Feld Continues to Innovate in a Competitive Market
  5. The Human Touch in an Age of Digital Entertainment

1. The Humble Beginnings of Feld Entertainment

Before Feld Entertainment became the household name it is today, it began with a vision. Founded by Irvin Feld in 1967, the company aimed to reinvent the circus experience. Gone were the days of the traditional big top; Feld saw an opportunity to create something novel, combining elements of theatre, music, and traditional circus acts.

Irvin Feld’s passionate vision was to bring families together, an ethos that remains at the heart of Feld Entertainment’s mission today. Over time, this vision grew, expanding beyond the circus tent to include a range of live touring family entertainment experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.

2. Their Most Iconic Productions

Feld’s repertoire is not limited to just one kind of show. They have ventured into various entertainment avenues, each more magical than the last:

  • Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus: Often referred to as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth,’ this circus was iconic and showcased a mesmerizing array of talent.
  • Monster Jam: If you’ve ever felt the rush of watching gigantic trucks perform gravity-defying stunts, thank Feld Entertainment.
  • Disney on Ice: Feld took the enchanting world of Disney and put it on skates, creating a fairy-tale experience for all ages.

3. What Sets Feld Apart: A Unique Approach to Entertainment

What truly sets Feld apart in the entertainment industry is its commitment to innovation and its willingness to adapt. By blending traditional entertainment forms with modern technology and innovative ideas, Feld offers audiences an experience that’s both nostalgic and cutting-edge.

Additionally, their emphasis on family values ensures that their shows aren’t just about entertainment but also about bringing families closer together. This commitment to human connection is what truly distinguishes Feld from many of its competitors.

4. How Feld Continues to Innovate in a Competitive Market

In a rapidly changing entertainment landscape, Feld continues to push boundaries. Their focus on research and audience feedback helps them stay ahead of the curve. From incorporating augmented reality in their shows to using state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, Feld never shies away from the latest technology. But it’s not just about flashy tech; it’s about using these tools to enhance storytelling and audience immersion.

5. The Human Touch in an Age of Digital Entertainment

In an age where digital entertainment is often the norm, Feld Entertainment reminds us of the power of live performances. The laughter, gasps, and applause from the crowd cannot be replicated in a digital format. The company’s dedication to preserving this “human touch” is evident in every production.

Moreover, Feld understands the importance of human connection. Their shows aren’t just about spectacle; they’re about emotions, memories, and shared experiences. In a world becoming increasingly digital, this focus on genuine human connection is both refreshing and essential.

1. Feld Entertainment Disney On Ice

Arguably one of the most enchanting productions in Feld’s portfolio, Disney On Ice encapsulates the magic of Disney and brings it to life on an icy stage. These productions transport audiences to whimsical worlds, featuring beloved Disney characters skating to timeless tunes. The intricate choreography, paired with captivating narratives, makes Disney On Ice a staple in live entertainment.

2. The Significance of the Feld Entertainment Logo

The Feld Entertainment logo is not just a corporate symbol; it’s a testament to the brand’s legacy. Representing the company’s commitment to world-class entertainment, the logo is instantly recognizable, symbolizing quality, innovation, and family-oriented experiences. Its design embodies the core values and the rich history of Feld Entertainment, promising an unforgettable showtime.

3. Feld Entertainment Address: More Than Just a Location

Located in Palmetto, Florida, the Feld Entertainment address is a hub of creativity. The headquarters isn’t just an office space; it’s where the magic is conceived, planned, and executed. From conceptualizing new shows to rehearsing awe-inspiring acts, this is the beating heart of Feld’s global entertainment operations.

4. Exploring Feld Entertainment Subsidiaries

Feld isn’t just about one show or one type of entertainment. The Feld Entertainment subsidiaries cover a broad spectrum of live touring family entertainment experiences. From Monster Jam and Supercross to the enchanting realms of Disney On Ice and Marvel Universe Live, these subsidiaries ensure that Feld’s reach spans diverse interests and audiences globally.

5. Feld Entertainment Jobs: Building Dreams

Behind every breathtaking performance lies a team of dedicated professionals. Feld Entertainment jobs offer opportunities for individuals to be a part of this magical journey. From performers and technicians to marketers and administrators, Feld provides a myriad of roles, each contributing to the awe-inspiring productions that captivate millions.

6. Feld Entertainment Stock: An Investment in Magic

Though Feld Entertainment is a privately held company, its influence on the live entertainment industry is immense. If Feld Entertainment’s stock were publicly traded, it would likely reflect the company’s impressive growth trajectory, innovation, and commitment to delivering unmatched family entertainment experiences.

7. Feld Entertainment Florida: A State of Wonders

Feld Entertainment Florida’s operations are not merely about its headquarters in Palmetto. The state has hosted numerous Feld productions over the years, from heart-stopping Monster Jam shows to magical Disney On Ice performances. Florida’s vibrant culture and love for live entertainment make it an ideal home for Feld’s marvelous endeavors.

8. Feld Entertainment Net Worth: The Value of Dreams

The financial might of Feld Entertainment is impressive. With decades in the industry, producing some of the world’s most renowned live shows, Feld Entertainment’s net worth undoubtedly runs in the hundreds of millions. Their monetary success is a testament to their dedication, passion, and understanding of the ever-evolving entertainment industry.


Feld Entertainment has journeyed from the traditional circus tents of yesteryears to the cutting-edge live entertainment experiences of today. While their tools and techniques have evolved, their core mission remains unchanged: to bring joy, wonder, and familial bonds to audiences worldwide. And if their track record is any indication, they’ll be doing just that for many years to come.

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