Reputable bookmaker Betvisa is the ideal meeting place for all bettors

Bettors always want to find a reputable bookmaker to participate in safe and quality betting. The rules of the game at different bookmakers are often similar, but the biggest difference is safety. With many years of experience in the field of online betting along with a license to operate legally, Nhà Cái Betvisa is a name that is widely known among bettors for its reputation, transparency, and professionalism. Let’s learn about this House that is very popular with players!

The reputation of bookmaker Betvisa

It is no coincidence that betvisa is chosen and trusted by so many bettors. Below are some reasons why betvisa has become one of the most reputable bookmakers in the betting market. The rules of the game are clear, helping bettors feel secure when playing and entertaining.

Legitimate bookmaker

Betvisa is an online betting game portal established in 2012 and licensed to operate by PAGCOR – the leading famous entertainment corporation in the Philippines. The Philippines has long been known as the country with the world’s leading betting entertainment industry. This is one of the most reputable bookmakers that is extremely popular because it has been strictly inspected by Pagcor and meets the quality requirements to operate playgrounds for customers.

The bookmaker is affiliated with the bank

To help players deposit and withdraw money quickly into their accounts, the house has linked with many banks. Depositing and withdrawing money through the player’s bank account only takes a few minutes, bringing convenience, helping players have a happy and comfortable mentality when participating in betting. Bettors can deposit through any bank affiliated with Betvisa without needing to confirm through any other intermediary. The deposit and withdrawal process at reputable bookmakers is quick and absolutely secure, so players can completely trust and feel secure when playing here.

The house has a mobile app

As one of the largest bookmakers, Betvisa has developed its own APP to serve players on mobile platforms, Android and IOS operating systems. As a member of the house, players will enjoy many privileges and can access the app on their phone quickly, effectively and conveniently.

Reputable bookmakers offer free bets

Betvisa is also one of the “diligent” bookmakers that offers many of the best promotions in the betting market. Let’s take a look at some of the programs currently being applied by this House for its members.

Great promotion for the first deposit

Most bookmakers offer promotions for new members’ first deposits. However, here players will receive huge promotions and will be added directly to their game account. The bettor can use this money immediately for its true value. To activate the promotion in the account, the host player needs to provide information as requested by the house.

Refund when player has negative profit

At other bookmakers, this offer rarely appears. In order to give bettors a comfortable and happy feeling after each game, the house will refund from 2.5% to 3% for regular accounts and from 3.5% to 4.5% for accounts. VIP. That amount is refunded right into your account and can be used to play games on the platform. This incentive will be paid the following month, after summarizing the previous month’s profit.

Attractive bet refund promotions

A huge favor for Betvisa bettors is to refund bets for all game titles being released by the house to players. To receive this offer, you just need to register an account at Betvisa and play the game here. All games will be refunded, however the refund rate for each game will be different.

Sports betting promotions

Bets on sports games will have a return of up to 0.9% for regular accounts and a higher rate for VIP accounts. To receive this promotion, the player’s minimum bet amount must be 10 million VND and the revenue in 3 months must reach a minimum of 30 million VND. The maximum amount received for each refund is 6 million VND. To participate in the program, you need to register when asked by the House on Monday morning each week.

Casino betting promotions

The rebate for online Casino games is 0.2%. The condition to enjoy this promotion is that the player’s bet amount ranges from 50 million VND to 100 million VND. 0.5% refund for players with bets ranging from 500 million VND to 1 billion VND. There is even a 0.7% cashback for guest players.

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Many other promotions

  • Online Lottery: With this game, Betvisa players will receive a 0.2% refund when betting from a minimum of 10,000 VND. Players receive 0.25% to 0.3% back when they are silver members or higher.
  • Chicken Kick: Understanding the huge demand of customers playing this game, Betvisa offers a refund program of up to 0.4%. Register to participate in the promotion program every Thursday to Sunday to receive this offer!

Betvisa is a name that is very popular among bettors as it has been in the TOP most popular locations in the region for many years in a row. All game titles released by this House ensure transparency and fairness. Above are the reasons why Betvisa has become the leading reputable bookmaker in the market. Quickly register an account to receive great deals!

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